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Do you accept returns or refund requests?

No, all sales are final & non-refundable. This is an industry standard and we are not flexible.

Are the machines brand new?

All units are brand new, & factory sealed in the box. All Bitmain S19/S19j products come with a 365-day factory warranty, unlelss you have special requirements for second hand.

Where do you ship the miners from?

We are a US company based in Shenzhen,We ship worldwide & as such, all stock ships out of our Hong Kong or Shenzheng warehouse.

How long does shipping take?

We use UPS DHL Fedex International from Hong Kong (normally 5-7 days). However, international delivery time can be longer, due to logistics or customs events & backlogs that are out of our control.

Duties are covered within our quoted price, and AS-Miner handles all logistics even we can do door to door without any taxes.

What payment methods do you accept?

For payment we accept stable coin (USDT) and Bank Wire (USD). For international orders, the fastest & most efficient way to get your order processed & shipped, is always going to be stable coin (USDT).

Why don’t you accept credit cards or Paypal?

In general, ASIC sales websites do not take credit cards because payment processors will not work with us due to the volatile nature of the crypto space. This is out of our control.

What about warranty?

All new Bitmain S19's come with a 365 day warranty. An advantage to purchasing Bitmain products is that they have a repair center stateside in New Hampshire.

Learn how to submit a Bitmain repair ticket here:

Technical FAQ

Does the S19j Pro come with a power supply?

The S19j series comes with the power supply built in, but does not come with the power cables. If you need it, we can provide it with shipment charges

Do you provide any after sale support, troubleshooting, or repairs?

We have our repair apartment to help you with it with charges, but brand new miners warranty is provided by factory.

What electrical cable and plug come with the KD5 and do I need to purchase my own?

You need to purchase your own power cable. The cable it comes with is for the 220v outlets. You will need to get a USA C19 cable.



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